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Advanced Protection for Blades

ALEXIT® BladeRep® Topcoat ALP 20 is a specifically designed coating system, that improves the performance of the existing lightning protection system on wind blades.

The innovative ArcGuide® Technology enhances the electric field in the air adjacent to the coating, facilitating stronger leader formation from the lightning receptor. This increases the likelihood of lightning strikes attaching to the receptor instead of damaging the blade.

Your Benefits


to reduce lightning strike damage

Tested successfully

on operational windfarms


rollable application

Designed to extend

 the lifetime of the blades

The positive effects have been tested on selected blade models in lab settings. In addition, its practical benefits and reliability have been proven on operational windfarms, too. ALEXIT® BladeRep® Topcoat ALP 20 comes in an easy to use two-chamber can, allowing for a fast and direct application. Choose ALEXIT® BladeRep® to significantly increase the protection of your blades.


*ALEXIT® BladeRep® Topcoat ALP 20 with ArcGuide® reduced lightning damage by 73% compared to blades without the coating. Tested in a laboratory environment utilizing the IEC 61400-24 initial leader attachment test and  high-current physical damage test standards.

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