Filling and Fairing combined

ALEXIT® BladeRep® Profile Filler 5 is designed to be used for filling and fairing on GRP substrates.
Based on in-depth R&D research and valuable market insights, we created a product that combines the advantages of BladeRep Profile Fillers 3 and 6, allowing for an even faster process than before. Its creamy consistency allows both modelling for larger defects and fine filling. 

Fast and User-friendly 

Small containers available for convenient handling and easy mixing without scale.


Fast Drying

For efficient application processes

2-Components Only

For simplified and less complex repair processes

Excellent Application

Drag & spread properties unlike any other filler

Product Characteristics

  • mixing ratio 4:1 by weight
    pre-weight containers only: pour hardener into base material and mix thoroughly
  • pot life approx. 5-10min at 23°C (73°F)
  • drying time to sand approx. 60min at 23°C (73°F)


  1. clean substrate from dust, grease, oil and other contaminates
  2. sand the substrate with P120
  3. clean with dust binding cloth
  4. mix base and hardener thoroughly to homogenize material
  5. application with spatula

For more detailed information please refer to the technical data sheet.

Material Processing on Leading Edge
Material Processing on Shell

Packaging Availability

20kg I 4kg I 250g

5kg I 1kg I 100g

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