Manifold Requirements

On the high seas or in the desert: wind turbines are permanently exposed to the weather. The taller the turbine, the steadier and stronger the wind. The challenges for wind blade coatings are increasing as wind turbines become more powerful. Resistance to abrasion and erosion caused by weathering is just as important as permanent elasticity.

ALEXIT® BladeRep® products for rotor blade repairs are qualified by leading wind turbine manufacturers and have successfully proven their suitability under practical conditions for more than 20 years.


Even with extreme temperature differences and strong bending of the rotor blades, the coating must provide full protection


UV radiation as well as erosion from rain, hail and sand is a challenge

Robust Application

Our solutions are compatible with different climatic and technical conditions

DNVGL Certified

Your Benefit

•    Well-matched products, explicitly developed for longterm and sustainable blade protection

•     Successfully tested under real life conditions

•     Complete system solution for all types of repairs, onshore AND offshore

•     Customized packaging - small / medium / large – available, some containers with pre-weight amounts for easy mixing, to make products usable for rope climbers and platform workers

•     Product labels with color and number identification for safe handling

DNVGL Certified

One Stop Solution

For your every repair need, our ALEXIT® BladeRep® products have you covered, from small repairs to high volume restoration projects. Tackle the blade with confidence, with a complementing product range from profile fillers, pore fillers, topcoats to leading-edge protection.

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