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ALEXIT® BladeRep® Profile Filler 3


Solvent-free, two-component polyurethane based filler designed to be used for filling and fairing on GRP substrates. Non-porous filler cures into an easily sandable surface.


Mixing Ratio* Pour entire hardener into base material and mix thoroughly
Pot Life 5 - 10 minutes at 23° C (73° F)
Application by putty knife
Coverage Approx. 0.35 sqm/kit @ 500 µm DFT, or 3.75 sqft @ 20 mil DFT
Drying Time Before Sanding 2 hours until manual sanding, at 23° C (73° F)
3 hours until mechanical sanding, at 23° C (73° F)
* For medium or large size containers consult the technical data sheet for additional information regarding mix ratios and coverage


Product container sizes  
Base Profile-Filler-3K-20kg
20 kg
6 kg
300 g Profile-filler-3-1us_gal
1 US Gallon*
Hardener Hardener-3-6kg
6 kg
1 kg
80 g Hardener 3 1 US Quart
1 US Quart*
*Gallons/Quarts are only available on the US market


PDF TDS-ALEXIT® BladeRep® Profile Filler 3 English

PDF TDS-ALEXIT® BladeRep® Profile Filler 3 Spanish

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